What is Teams ?

Microsoft Teams is Application which collaborates workplace chat, meeting, notes and file sharing, Microsoft Teams is Application Service Integrated with Microsoft Office 365 Subscription.

The Global Version Comes as “Microsoft Teams” But the Teams Version for Educations Suite Comes as “Microsoft Classroom” Office 365 Education as we will be discussing in detail Later.

The Origin of Microsoft Teams.

In The Early months of 2016 Microsoft was considering Bidding for The Multi-Platform Software “Slack” for an Amount of $8 Billion, but later Bill Gates Requested rather than buying a 3rd Party Company Microsoft Should Focus in developing and Improving a Microsoft owned Application “ Skype For Business” .In the late 2016 Microsoft Announced that their version of Slack and Competitor as ” Microsoft Teams”

Features in Teams

Microsoft Teams Enables Communities, Groups, Or Teams that will be able to join from a specific URL or Message sent By Administrator or the Creator of the Group.
Calling As the functionalities of the Skype for business the below mentioned features are available in Microsoft Teams.

  • Instant Messaging (Send an IM to a college or a employee who is in your created Team)

  • Voice over IP (VoIP) is also available in Microsoft Teams

  • Conferencing

  • Video Conferencing (which is only available in Client Version of Teams)

  • Audio Conferencing (Teams also Support PSTN Function that enables user to call phone numbers Only through the Microsoft Teams Client Software

  • Meetings

One of the key features in Microsoft Teams that allows to schedule a Meeting which allow User visiting the Created Channel will be able to join or see Meeting that are currently in Commenced

  • Others

Teams Also Allow to share documents among the created group it can be a office document or zipped file or any Type of file type Microsoft Team Allows.

Client Software Availability

Microsoft Teams Client are currently available in the below mentioned platforms
• For Windows and MacOS User the Teams Client is Included with the Office 365 .
• Apple Mobile devices (iPhone or iPad)
• Android Devices (Phones, Tablets)
• Windows 10/8.1 Mobile Phones

Microsoft Team for Education

Microsoft has taken Measures in retiring Microsoft Classroom partially and adding some feature used by it and implement Microsoft Teams to the Office 365 for Education.

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