10 Micro:Bit Basic Starter Kit with 10 Books Packs (Institute Pack)


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micro: bit is a microcontroller of ARM structure designed by BBC. It is only half size of a credit card, onboard with Bluetooth, accelerometer, electronic compass, three buttons, 5×5 LED dot matrix, mainly used for teens programming education.
We specially make this basic starter kit for you to conveniently learn micro:bit, in which includes a micro: bit control board, 1m USB cable and a battery holder with lead (battery not included, wire length 160mm).
Note that USB cable is for programming the micro:bit. Battery holder is for power supply, and it comes with a switch button, very convenient for controlling.

USB and Bluetooth Low energy connectivity.
Compass and Accelerometer.
2xprogrammable buttons.
A 25 LED display.

10 A USB cable for programming
10 A battery case with lead for power supply

Package include:
10 x Basic Starter Kit for micro bit and 10 Micro:Bit ඇසුරින් තාක්ෂණික නිමැවුමිකරණය උගනිමු කෘති

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